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TIE Alfa Romeo Formula One F1 Quadrifoglio Woven Cashmere & Silk Necktie New!

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Alfa Romeo Tie
Designed and made in Italy exclusively for Alfa Romeo
Blue woven cashmere and silk tie, the Quadrifoglio logo is embroidered on the front and the Alfa Romeo label is sewn on the back
New, exclusive item made for Alfa Romeo
The Quadrifoglio is the brand used by the Italian auto manufacturer Alfa Romeo to indicate a high performance model, similar to BMW's M badge, or Mercedes AMG. Quadrifoglio is Italian for four-leaf clover.
The quadrifoglio is usually placed on the side panels of the car, above or behind the front wheels—on the front wings in the case of modern vehicles
The logo consists of a green cloverleaf with four leaves
Made from 65% Cashmere Wool and 35% Silk
The tie measures 142 cms long and is 9 cms wide at its widest point
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